Dear ICTW members and interested parties,

Thank you to everyone who has responded to ICTW survey in 2018. ICTW has been on hiatus and is now transitioning to a new format. You will receive an email with more information in the coming months.

Since information previously distributed via newsletters and this website is now available from other sources, ICTW website will sunset in December 2019.

We appreciate your support and participation in this workgroup,

-ICTW admin

The Interstate Chemical Threats Workgroup was formed in 2002, following the events of 9/11. The workgroups purpose is to share knowledge, materials and resources on chemical threats and to promote cross-disciplinary awareness in chemical preparedness. The original workgroup focus on chemical terrorism has been expanded over the years to include chemical accidents and all-hazards preparedness. 

The Workgroup is an ad hoc network. Members come primarily from agencies and institutions with responsibilities in the areas of health, public health, and emergency response. There are currently over 400 members, located in all 50 states and Washington, DC. Members from federal agencies include CDC, DHS, DOD, EPA, NOAA and OSHA. Other institutions include APHL, ICWU and NACCHO.

The Workgroup is structured primarily for electronic communication. A monthly electronic newsletter includes recent chemical incidents and chemical preparedness news, tools, tips, and in-depth chemical features. Quarterly webinars feature both speakers and roundtable discussions on current topics.  Our website allows members to access numerous presentations on a variety of chemically-related preparedness topics presented throughout the years, post comments, and upload documents and resources they’d like to share. The ICTW has a steering committee of advisors and co-facilitators broadly representing disciplines and regions within the Workgroup.